Friday, July 10, 2009

A weekend at the lake....

O'Dell Family Reunion 2009 was a HUGE success! We stayed on Lake LBJ for the 3rd year and I ahve decided that my family is a water family! The kids love the water, riding the boat, and Colton even drove the JetSki.

Now I must say, I am a little wild on a JetSki - I love those things! And after riding with Charlie this year, I have decided that I have to drive my own from now on - he is a little to tame for my tastes! (We rolled a 3 seater JetSki last year, which the rental guy said was impossible, and ever since then, Charlie has been a little more did the exact opposite to me!) And I came to realize that Colton is going to be a little crazy on a JetSki. He decided that he didn't want mommy to drive, he wanted me to hold on and he was going to drive. Well, needless to say, he about threw me off when he took off.

For the 3 days we were at Lake LBJ, I think the kids stayed in the water about 90% of the time. If they were not on the boat, jetski, rope swing or paddle boat, I am pretty sure they were sleeping. They even tried to eat in the water!

We are so lucky to have a family that is able to get together several times a year, but I think the highlight of each year is the lake trip.

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