Monday, June 22, 2009

WooHooo.....Oh Yeah!!

WooHooo......Oh Yeah! That is Carter's favorite saying when he is excited about something! And he even does a little dance...

So, in honor of my youngest....I am shouting WOOOHOOOO OH YEAH! Yep - that is right - I am exited! On Saturday morning, I got on line to purchase much-anticipated George Strait Tickets for the Sept 26th concert in Cedar Park... Well, I ended up being bummed for the first 30 minutes or so. The tickets were $161 each plus the fees and taxes.... How in the hell is someone supposed to be able to afford that?!?!?

Well, after some much needed soul searching, and talking to my friends Kenneth & April who were also wanting to go, I searched tickets and had on hold 2 prime seat tickets! So with April on the phone, and the computer on my lap, I discovered that she was holding tickets in the row right in front of the 2 seats that I had we bought them! Caitlynn and I are going to see George Strait for our birthdays!!

Charlie decided that he was not a big enough George Strait fan to warrant $161+ for a concert - he was just as well listening to him on the radio or seeing him on CMT. Not that I can blame him, these tickets were ridiculous! But when am I ever going to be able to see the George in Cedar Park, the week of my birthday again!?!?! Probably never, I told myself! And really, we looked at getting tickets to the Houston show in August, which were about $125 each, but after paying for gas, food, hotel, etc. I am thinking I might come out ahead buying the ones in Cedar Park... atleast that is what I keep telling myself!

So, WOOHOOO OH a little and now to wait for September! And oh, yeah, Cailtynn doesn't know about them, we are goign to surprise her! Wonder how long that will actually last??

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