Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where has the last year gone?

Well here I am again.....almost a year later and maybe not a year wiser.... As I apporach my 30th birthday in a little over a month, I am marveling about how much has changed in the last year, 5 years, 10 years.... So, I decided it was time to bring the blog up to date with a short version of the last year:

June 2009....Charlie's company decided to shut it's doors in Austin, and have him report to a new manager in Houston... So for the better part of July - May 2010 he was in Houston 4-5 days a week and I was pulling mommy duty at home on my own! (I don't recommend it...) Charlie & I celebrated 8 wonderful years of wedded bliss!!

July, hot, hot! Big event of the month - on July 28th Colton decides to jump thru some glass & our day is off to a great start! Charlie was out of town, so my amazing brother-in-law BJ got a hysterical phone call & was at my house in minutes! Needless to say, Charlie was called first & I was just as hysterical, but in mommy-emergency mode.... So several hours later, an amblance ride to Dell Children's and emergency bi-lateral knee surgery and he was all stitched up! And Charlie made record time driving from Arlington to Georgetown ER to meet us before we were transported..... Got to stay in the fabulous Dell Childrens for several days followed by 8 weeks of leg imobilizers and physical therapy, and my boy is good as new! (Has some great knee surgery scars that they said a pedi plastic surgen could remove, but we paid good money for those scars and it will be a great story to tell a girl one of these days!)

August 2009....Caitlynn started kindergarten, Colton went to Friends Working Together again (Mrs. Gatlin is the BEST!!), and our school year was off to a great start! Even got to welcome a new adorable neice into the family!

September 2009....GEORGE STRAIT! Need I say more?!?!? Caitlynn turned 7, I turned a scary 29....

October 2009....Caitlynn's Cheer squad took 1st place in their division at the CTYFL Cheer Competition. They did so great & we were so proud!

November, December, January, February 2009 - 2010.... Cold, wet weather....Holidays, School, church, work, just tried to keep our heads above water.... Colton turned 5 in November, Carter turned 4 in February (where have the last 4 years gone!!) Caitlynn got a trip to Disney World for Christmas and had a blast with Randy & Sharon in Florida for a week!!

March, April & May 2010.....Caitlynn started Spring Softball and Colton started T-Ball! They were adorable and precious and did a great job! Caitlynn's team took 2nd place for the season and what a great time they were! Needless to say, Mommy was exhausted since Daddy worked out of town during the week alot and I thought games would be on the weekend! Man was I wrong! Good thing we live close to family since there were a lot of nights that both kiddos had games at different fields and sometimes different towns!

June 2010....Charlie & I celebrated anniversary #10! If the next 10 years go by as quickly as the last 10, we are in for a wild ride! We took the kids to Port A to spend a little R&R at the beach. Did a little fishing, played in the sand and had a great time with the family!

July 2010....Considering it has only been a month ago - I am having trouble coming up with something for the month... I was super busy with work which is a major blessing! Built a deck & pergola at the house, and lost our beloved chihuahua Chance...

August 2010.... The count down to school starting had begun! Charlie & I took the kids to San Antonio for a week! We had a blast exploring Sea World, downtown San Antonio, the Alamo, the Witte museum and the Magic Time Machine! The kids loved it all, and slept well each night thanks to all the daily activities!

And finally that bring us to the week before school starts! Caitlynn is going to a new campus this year for the 2nd grade! Colton is starting Kindergarten, and Carter is enrolled in the Pre-K program.... In less then 1 week I will begin a new chapter of my life: No kids at home! I have had kids with me 3 - 5 days a week since Caitlynn was 1 and I decided to go into Real Estate full time! Carter has been my constant companion for the last 4 years (he only went to daycare part time while Colton was in Pre-K) and I am sad to think that I am going to miss my little buddy!

The school supplies and new clothers & shoes are purchased, the bags are packed and we start meeting the new teachers tonight!